The 2015/2016 Game: FIRST RES-Q

Here is this year's game video! Please feel free to take a look so that you can better understand what we are trying to accomplish.

Saratoga 11/22/15

In our first competition of the season, we won the Inspire award and were on the winning alliance. We advanced to NorCal from this competition.

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Daly City 1/23/16

In our second competition of the season, we didn't perform as well as we expected and had several mechanical and electrical issues. However, we won the Connect award and were part of one of the alliances in eliminations.

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NorCal Regional Championship 2/30/16

Updated soon

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West Super-Regional 3/24/16-3/26/16

We were the winning alliance captains.

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World Championships 4/27/16-4/30/16

We were the finalist alliance captain.

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