West Super Regional Championship


The West Super Regional Championship was our 4th competition this season. We traveled as a team to Spokane, Washington to compete against teams from all over the west coast. On the first day of matches, we did not perform as well as we had hoped, as our robot disconnected a few times. Fortunately, during our last match of the day, we were able to complete a cryptobox. On the second day of matches, we improved our performance significantly. We won all of our matches except one, and we finished in 11th place in our division. We were able to score 85 points during autonomous, complete a cipher, and place a relic in the third zone standing. Although we were not very successful during the first day of matches, we were able to improve our performance and succeed the second day. On the third day, we waited for alliance selections to occur. Unfortunately, we were not selected for an alliance, so we were unable to compete in the elimination round. At the end of the competition, we found out that we had advanced to the World Championship in Houston as a result of our high ranking at the end of qualification matches. Overall, we had a great time competing at the West Super Regional Championship. We met people from cities ranging from Los Angeles to Lake Oswego. We learned a lot about different designs and game strategies. We had a lot of fun being alliance partners with many different teams. Even though we were not as successful as we had hoped, we are happy that we advanced to compete at the World Championship in Houston, Texas. In time between West and Worlds, we plan to improve many aspects of our robot, continue to acquire sponsors in order to defray both robot and travel costs, and inspire younger kids in our community. We plan to replace our four-bar lift with a linear lift. Also, we plan to use x-rails for our relic lift to eliminate sag. We plan to reach out to local companies to ask for money to pay for some of our robot and travel costs. Finally, we will continue to reach out to our community through workshops and presentations.


At the West Super Regional, our game strategy was to score an 85 point autonomous, complete a cipher, and score a relic in the third zone standing. Although we were able to complete all of these tasks at one point during the competition, we were not as consistent as we had hoped. We were able to complete a cipher for the majority of our matches. Also, we were generally consistent with scoring a relic when we had enough time during endgame. Our autonomous was less consistent. We hope to improve our autonomous by testing more.


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