Saratoga High School Qualifier


The Saratoga qualifier was our first ever! Unfortunately we had serious hardware and software issues. We ran out of time to complete our robot, so we hacked together a cardboard hopper. We weren't able to test our design with field elements, so we didn't realize that our hopper would be too far away from the goals to properly dump in them and quickly scrapped together a cardboard drawbridge in our pit at competition. We initially used 200lb fishing line for our drawer slides, but they broke during competition causing us to forfeit a match and chop a bolt in half!

Match 1

We ran our autonomous and raised the lift. During teleop, we could pick up balls, but couldn't dump them because the hopper gate was stuck.

Match 2

Our autonomous program worked, but it also ran during teleop, so our drivers could not do anything.

Match 3

We were able to dump balls, but they all missed.

Match 4


Match 5

We picked up the wrong controllers for the first half of the match, and by the time we realized we were too far behind.