Play Space Qualifier #2


The Play Space Qualifier #2 happened on December 20th, 2014. It was held in the Play Space, a building located in San Jose that is used for FIRST events.

Between our first competition and the Play Space competition, we decided that we could dramatically improve our robot by testing with actual field elements. We ended up buying one of the rolling goals and an assortment of wiffle balls, which has helped us on numerous occasions test parts of our robot such as autonomous, dumping, and the goal grabbing mechanism.

Each team was able to play six qualification matches. Out of the six that our team played, we won four and lost two. We moved onto the elimination round as the fourth-seed team. Team 5901, Divide by Zero, was ranked in first place after the initial matches and chose our team to being on their alliance. During the semifinals, our alliance defeated the opposing alliance 2-0. Our alliance moved onto the finals where we won 2-1, winning the last match by a mere 12 points.

During the awards ceremony, we won the Inspire Award, granting us advancement to the Northern California Championship. Our team was also nominated for the Think Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and Connect Award.