With only two weeks left in between the Daly City qualifier and the NorCal Regional Championship, there was little time left to make adjustments to our robot. Nevertheless we carefully analyzed our weaknesses from previous competitions and worked hard to make as many necessary fixes as possible. At the end of the day we missed advancement to West Super-Regionals, ending our 2016-2017 season, but we were happy to have been nominated for 3rd place Motivate Award once again.


Our strategy for NorCal was mostly focused upon defense. We designed a heavy robot with a 6-motor drive that had lots of pushing power. We planned to push aside other robots as they shot their particles, preventing them from scoring in the center vortex. Our defensive strategy was highly effective in preventing opposing teams from scoring, but a programming error that led us to have no autonomous played a key role in leading to our loss.


Our match against RoboKnights(5220)