On December 8, 2018, our team traveled to Sunnyvale to compete in the Google Qualifier. This was our first qualifier of the year. During the event, all members were kept busy with Jason and Leon as the drivers; Michael as the coach; Nico taking videos; Our coder working on updating and fixing code; and Max, Pranav, Heather, and Anna scouting.

All of our awards and nominations:

  • 3rd place Control Award
  • 2nd place Inspire Award
  • Think Award


From the beginning, our design was flawed so that the shafts of motor was taking a lot of the load from the lift. This made it so through that the team had trouble with the lift, costing us lots of points. Although there were matches where the robot was successful in the lift, it was apparent that the robot had trouble staying on. In our last match where we were allianced with MidKnight Madness, against Kuriosity and M, the motor shafts bent so much that they snapped. One minute before the match that would decide the winners, the team decided to tape the arm, so that we could just hang, but this strategy proved to be a failure as we could not balance the robot so that this would work. Although MidKnight Madness played very well and earned our alliance many points, it was not enough against the combined points of Kuriosity and M, and, unfortunately, we lost the finals 1 match to 2.


Qualifying Matches