The 2021/2022 Game: Freight Frenzy

Here is this year’s game video! Please feel free to take a look to better understand our goal for this season.

Sacramento Qualifier 12/11/21

The Sacramento qualifier was the first qualifier we competed in for this season. We won the Collins Aerospace Innovate award and made it to the finals as Finalist Alliance Captain.

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San Mateo Remote Qualifier 1/9/22

The San Mateo qualifying tournament was the second qualifier we went to this season. We made several tweaks to our previous robot that we took to the Sacramento qualifier that greatly improved robot efficiency and cycling. As a result, we won the 1st place Inspire award, allowing us to move onto the NorCal championship.

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Norcal 3/13/22

At the Norcal regional championships, we competed against the best teams in the region and ended up as division finalists.

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